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Youth Theatre Direction


Jan 2016 - ongoing 


Across UK 


Rose Theatre, Twickenham Exchange Theatre, Bigfoot Arts Education, Middleweek Newton, PQA, Bounce Theatre


Verity Richards

testimonial - parent. 

I can't tell you how impressed  we were with the performance. We loved it. It held my 8 & 10 year old's attention and that is virtually impossible!


Over the past 5 years I have specialised in Youth Theatre Direction for a range of theatres, theatre companies, schools and creative education organisations. I have directed shows from a range of genres (Gritty plays right through to Christmas Musicals!) for a range of ages (5-25). 

my role. 

As a Youth Theatre Director I work with all ages from all walks of life. Never acted before? Then I can guide you through all stages of storytelling and character building. A seasoned pro? I can help you enhance your storytelling craft, develop text, vocal and movement skills and take your performance ability to the next level. 

I have directed over 30 Youth Theatre Productions in the last 4 years and am always happy to direct more! So if you are a Theatre, School, FE, HE, Vocational or Community group please do get in touch and lets make something fun happen! 

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