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Workshop Facilitation


Jan 2016 - ongoing 


Across UK 


Rose Theatre, Twickenham Exchange Theatre, Bigfoot Arts Education, Middleweek Newton, PQA, Bounce Theatre


Verity Richards

testimonial - parent. 

"thank you so much for all the help and encouragement that you have given - she has enjoyed every single session with you and you are the most supportive teacher we've ever known. She had never done anything like this before, and you've broken it down in a way that is fun and digestible, whilst stretching her skills and challenging her too"


Over the past 5 years I have specialised in Workshop Facilitation for a broad range of organisations. I have led curriculum enhancement workshops for GCSE students, worked on the Prevent initiative with primary children in a beautiful mosque, celebrated 75 years of the NHS in an SEND school, created dances about loneliness with teenagers, workshopped knife crime prevention at Twickenham Stadium and even spent 17 hours in the car over two days to deliver workshops in remote parts of northern England. There is very little I won't try! 

my role. 

As a Workshop Facilitator, our collaboration begins at the planning stage. I will deep dive into the topic or theme you want to explore and develop workshops appropriate for the age and access level of your group. I have worked with all ages of all abilities, and am well versed in on-the-spot adaptations. Last minute room change because PE booked the hall? No problem! Extreme, off-centre view comes up mid session?I can field a supportive and safe discussion. 80 children have come to a workshop that was for 30? It happened once, and we made it work! 

I have led over 170 creative workshops in the last 4 years and am always happy to lead more! I run workshops in drama, dance, choreography, performance skills, literature, text study, script writing, direction and exploring any topic you like. So do get in touch and lets make something fun happen! 

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Improv Workshops
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