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Hi, I'm Verity.
I make creative fun happen with people who face barriers to creativity.


Hi, I'm Verity.

Simply put, I make creative fun happen with people who face barriers to creativity.

I conceive, manage, facilitate and evaluate creative projects for people underrepresented in arts and culture. I work with organisations to identify gaps in their representation and build programmes that champion creative engagement with new audiences of all ages.


Art is for everyone, and my work centres on empowering participants as creatives in their own right. The projects I make are genuinely collaborative, with shared creative power and a drive towards bold, experimental outcomes.

I've worked with a range of organisations, including: Sheffield Theatres, Rose Theatre, SpeakUp Theatre, Bounce Theatre, Somerset House, National Gallery, Streetwise Opera, Shobana Jeyasingh Dance, RADA and The University of Exeter.  

You can browse some of my projects below, and if you'd like to work together please get in touch. I'm based in Sheffield, but work all over the UK and love new places and faces. 

Faces Against Window



Verity is the most fantastic, inspiring and dedicated practitioner. She has run a number of projects that have been life changing for participants involved. Her energy is so supportive and encouraging and she injects confidence into everyone she works with. She is incredibly efficient and creates groundbreaking projects with so much care and love at the heart of them. I cannot recommend working with her enough!

Izzy Kabban, Artistic Director - SpeakUp Theatre 

I was so nervous when I started this project, but I feel like with you Verity I can make mistakes and that's all part of the creative fun!! Thanks for working with us, please keep coming back! 

Project Participant 

Verity lead this collaboration and she was an incredible force who enabled this ambitious project to be realised in the Terrace Rooms at Somerset House. Professional, thorough and her attention to detail was exemplary. She went above and beyond her responsibilities and enabled my students to achieve outstanding learning outcomes. A joy to work with.

Chantelle Morton, Co-Founder The Friday Takeaway

Course Director LCCA 

I never thought I could really be a proper creative, and then I met Verity. She helped me realise I've been a creative all along! 

Project Participant 

Dedicated, shrewd and creative, Verity is someone I would recommend to have in your participatory planning arsenal, if you want your artistic programme to be a success.

Annette Richardson, Associate Senior Lecturer (Former Learning Manager of Somerset House)

Working in partnership with Verity has been a pleasure, not only do I get to work alongside a true professional and have lots of fun but I have learnt so much from the way Verity teaches, leads, engages and treats each individual participant as special. I would highly recommend Verity to develop, deliver and lead any Arts Participatory project and programme.  

Apinder Sidhu, Silver Lining Coaching 

It's been such a brilliant experience and I'm glad it isn't over yet.

I want to thank you for picking me. It told me I am good enough to get somewhere in life. You gave me purpose and much more of a drive. 

Participant, The Rose Collective 

I just wanted to express how grateful I am of working with you, you are so thoughtful and supportive. I’m finding myself learning a lot from your pedagogy. When I was a student I didn’t have the luck to have teachers like you, that work out of passion to see their students grow and strive and to overall make things better for the education system, It really makes a difference.

Freelancer, Residential Dance Project 



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